Momlife: The Juggle is Real! How to stay cool + leave work at work

juggleEvery Mom is A Working Mom

Whether you are a momtreprener working at an office, work away from home for a company, or work as a stay at home mom managing your home, or all of the above, it can be difficult to balance worklife and family time. 

We’ve collected a few tips to help you “leave the office at the office” and enjoy your time with your loved ones:

Stay Calm When You Leave for Work

“Of course you feel sad when you separate,” says Dr. Laura Markham, creator of
Aha! Parenting and author of the book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids. “Don’t be embarrassed. Nature designed you that way!” But she reminds us: process those feelings away from your child, so that they see you leaving calmly. This will create less stress for the child, and will help ease your worry at work.

Make an End of Workday Routine

Just like you would for a for a morning or bedtime routine, set up a “ritual” to follow as your work hours come to a close. The idea is to tie up any loose ends so they won’t pull you away later. Via
Multi-Tasking Mom Site

Friends Keep you Grounded

“Just because you’ve entered motherhood, you didn’t stop being you.” Use your work commute time to call (or if you’re not driving) text, or email a friend. It’ll make you feel good! Want to find more mom friends? There’s an app for that:

Prioritize Self Care

Make self-care time as nonnegotiable as your other commitments –
schedule time to take a walk, soak in the tub, read or exercise.Try a meditation app to increase your daily mindfulness, and to help make sure you get good sleep. Meditation Apps:

Whichever aspect of life you’re working on at the moment, we know your little ones are always in your heart. Your family appreciates all you do to care for them –  we want to remind you that by taking care of yourself, you also take care of them! So treat yourself well, #lovecommamama!