5 Doable New Years Resolutions Ideas for New Moms

newyearsThe New Year has arrived! New year, new feels, new chances, new opportunities to love! The best is yet to come…

To help you make the best of it, here are our top

5 Doable New Years Resolutions Ideas for New Moms:

1.) Be present with your Little Ones

Practice taking a break from your phone and screens. Set up the silence notifications feature on your devices for at least one block of time a day, so you can be there with undivided attention for that special tiny human. No need to give up your connected-ness completely – allot specific chunks of time where you do scroll and text til your heart’s content.

2.) Shower daily (or at least as often as possible!) and pretend it’s your spa

Use your imagination and think of your shower as “spa time” – even if it’s only a 5 minute rinse! If you’re able to carve out a little more time, take a bath! With some music, a candle, essential oils, a facial mask, even a glass of wine and you have an
instant in-home spa.If you can’t find time for yourself to do this, consider bringing baby into the bathroom in a baby saucer or bouncy seat (but hold off on indulging in the wine that time!)

3.) Ask someone else to take pictures of you and your baby at least once a month

Looking back, it’s so nice having photos that aren’t selfies of you two together.

4.) Give yourself permission to say NO to people who want to help

Don’t be afraid to ask for and accept help – it’s wonderful when someone offers to lighten your load and do even simple tasks like an errand or small chore. But don’t stress yourself out by agreeing to things you don’t need or want.

5.) Let go of unrealistic expectations of #momlife and have more fun!

While it’s important to connect with other moms and families, don’t get lost measuring your life against what’s posted on social media or even what you see when you step out into your neighborhood. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Concentrate on gratitude for and enjoy what’s in your life and family to find happiness and have more fun! We also suggest having more living room mama+baby dance parties!


Thanks for sharing a fantastic year with us! Happy 2018!