4 Tips to Rock Your Best Stripes for #nationalstripeday or Anytime

stripes day2Stripes are an easy way to rock an outfit with strong visual interest but minimal effort.

Here are 4 tips to help you pick your stripes so you can get out the door and focus on enjoying your time on more important things.

1/ Choose A Neutral Color Combination

Not only will you not look like everyone else, it is actually really hard for most people to wear contrasting colors especially if the stripes are really thin. Wide stripes in a surprising color combination with a pair of jeans can be an easy outfit that will look not as casual or sloppy as really skinny stripes. If you prefer skinny stripes, alternative widths is also more flattering than equal width stripes. A good test?  If looking at the stripes makes your eyes go “buggy” it will probably not look great in the mirror.

2/ Choose a Classic Style With An Accent

I know it’s tempting to go buy those side-striped bell bottomed trousers that you are seeing everywhere on Instagram but I guarantee you that those pants will rob you of precious minutes that you could be spending napping or playing with your newborn. When you get an item that requires you to come up with an “OUTFIT” every time you wear it, it will quickly be eliminated from your rotation because let’s be honest here, you just had a baby and you don’t have much time to spend on yourself. A trendy element on a classic fabric and silhouette will guarantee you look pulled together with minimum effort.  Just off the top of my head…white tee + striped jeans + ugly sneakers, crisp white shirt + striped jeans + mules, ivory cable sweater + stripe jeans + combat boots….  Mamas need style tips & tricks to feel beautiful and confident everyday, not an outfit for when you finally have the energy to get yourself looking nice.


Some days you just need an outfit that you can pull over your head (NO PANTS!) and rush out the door. Striped dresses are surprisingly easy to wear because they have enough visual interest that you don’t need much else to look pulled together. I like a more structured striped dress because depending on if I throw a denim or leather jacket over it, it can still be completely appropriate for different occasions.

4/ Or not…

If wearing head to toe stripes is not your thing, accessories are a great way to add a little something to your everyday outfits. Not only is this an economical way of exploring a new trend but since accessories are usually smaller in scale, it is so much easier to try on colors and combinations that you would never otherwise wear.