A Breastfeeding Mamma’s Guide to Layering: Our favorite instant-outfits this fall.

A Breastfeeding Mamma’s Guide to Fall Layering:
Our favorite instant-outfit formulas this season.

Morning chill. Mid-day heat. And back to cool at night. Now that Autumn’s officially kicked in, it’s time to practice the art of layering. And we’ve got the perfect piece to use as a base – our Modern Crew Neck Nursing Tee.


Here are some of our favorite formulas:

For the Modern Crew Neck Nursing Tee in Red/White Stripe

1) Pair a red striped tee, like our Modern Crew Neck + camel trench coat or classic wool blazer, jeans, sunnies, and a large colorful tote or animal print purse.





2) Striped Tee + deconstructed army jacket, black tote, black jeans or leggings, dark color scarf or bandana. Shoe idea: fave monochrome dad sneakers.


Variation: Add a patterned or plaid scarf with bold and brightly colored trouser.

3) Tuck a Striped Tee into a black skater skirt (it would be fun in velvet.) Add a chunky cardigan, textured tights, oxford shoe. A structured bag lends sophistication. Try a scrunchie or a fun hair bow for full nostalgic ’90s effect.


modcrewnecktee2For the Modern Crew Neck Nursing Tee in Black:


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Our Modern Crew Neck Nursing Tee would be fantastic with a chambray or denim shirt under a velvet blazer. It can be equally chic under a grey plaid blazer with gold accessories, a strappy backpack and lace-up boots. We love wearing this tee with vegan leather leggings to add an interesting textural contrast.

1) Black Tee + vegan leather leggings, chambray or denim button down, velvet blazer, black boot. Accessorize with gold bracelets. A list of the best: faux leather leggings

2) Black Tee + grey plaid blazer (push or roll up the sleeves) with black leggings, patent leather boots. Accessorize with a black cap, gold jewelry, black backpack.

3) Black tee, fave flannel button down, vegan leather leggings, wide-brimmed hat. Add a structured bag and gold trimmed sunglasses or wristwatch to up the level of polish.

4) Tuck a black tee into a pair of jewel-toned jeans, like this forest green pair and balance it out with a rust colored trench or long cardigan. Here’s your perfect chance to try some cowboy boots!

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